‘Adios to ridiculously slow filling baths, showers that are little more than a spray, and a whole host of combi boiler problems!’

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‘My house is a townhouse and the shower is on the 3rd floor. I just installed this product and it gives an amazing flow rate of water to the shower. I am very pleased with this purchase.’

Mr Avtar Kalsi

House Holder

‘I chose the HomeBoost from Salamander Pumps to be installed in my home following research and reading feedback on the product’s performance. The device is excellent and I would definitely recommend it.’

Mr. Mike Sharrock

House Holder – Cumbria

‘There are over a million combi-boilers installed each year, and for many installations poor flow can be a problem. A common solution is to replace the incoming mains water supply, which can be laborious and can be cost prohibitive.’

‘I can envisage Salamander Home Boost providing a much simper solution for home owners, those living in smaller houses and especially those living in flats, where space is limited and the replacement of a mains water supply could be very difficult.’

‘For such installations, Home Boost is clever, compliant and simple to install. It’s encouraging to know that professional installers will be able to provide another solution to poor water flow issues, one that is compliant with the water regulations and will help customers to reach the potential of their appliances, where other solutions may not be practical.’

Danny Davis

Operations Manager, The Chartered Institute of Plumbing and Heating Engineering, (CIPHE)

‘I have lived in this flat in central London for 15 years and always suffer from low pressure. Not anymore! I installed the HomeBoost pump this weekend, what a fantastic product. Good pressure for the first time in 15 years; it is just such a great device. Prior to this HomeBoost pump, I was always told that you can’t boost mains.’

Mr Bernard Magny

House Holder – London

‘Salamander’s new Home Boost product is not only a cost-effective option, but is a great addition to our range of easy-install products. We are delighted to announce that Home Boost will be available at branches across the UK from 1st August.’

Julie McLean

Head of Marketing at Plumb Center

Home Boost really does have the look and feel of quality about it. It’s got metal threaded ends so there’s no plastic to mess about with. To be honest, it’s dead easy to connect: Home Boost goes after your stop tap, you need a check valve on there, then a drain-off cock onto the pump and finally a full bore isolation valve. Any plumber could do the job in under an hour.’

‘Above all, the customers love it. All of a sudden they can have a shower while the downstairs tap is running, which sounds like nothing much but it really is life-changing.’

Andy Browne