Is it legal to pump incoming mains water?

Yes, HomeBoost® conforms to The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (1999), which state that you cannot pump more than 12l/min off the mains supply pipe. HomeBoost® will increase the low incoming water flow up to 12l/min. As the incoming flow varies, HomeBoost® will adapt to maintain 12 l/min, and will move into idle if sufficient flow is received from the water main. The water contacting components are all WRAS compliant materials.

Servicing? Can it be taken apart on site and repaired?

The pump is a sealed unit, so therefore cannot be taken apart. In the unlikely event your product should fail please contact Pumpwise on 0191 516 2002.

Can it go on the hot water pipework?

No, the maximum temperature allowed to pass through the pump is 20 degrees. For pumps needed to supply hot water, other pumps in the Salamander range would be more suitable.

Can it be fitted on 15mm?

The pump is designed with ¾ BSP male connections, reducers can be fitted should the incoming mains pipework be in 15mm.

Can it be fitted on old lead pipe?

No, all pipework to and from HomeBoost® must be in copper pipework as lead pipes are extremely restrictive. HomeBoost® must also be supported on rigid fixed pipework.

What effect will it have on the house next door’s water supply?

None. HomeBoost® should be installed after the stop cock into your property, and as it only draws up to 12 l/m from mains water pipe which is flooded at all times; it will have no adverse effects on your neighbour’s supplies.

Will it fix a collapsed mains water pipe?

No, HomeBoost® will not solve the problems caused by a collapsed mains water pipe. The water company would need to repair / replace the pipe.

Can I fit it sideways?

It is preferable that the pump is fitted vertically, however it can be fitted horizontally. Contact the PumpWise team on 0191 5162002 if you would like further information.

Can a HomeBoost® be fitted to a combi boiler?

Yes. HomeBoost® can be fitted to a combination boiler; it should be mounted vertically on mains inlet within 2 meters to the combi.

Will it give all open outlets 12 litres per minute?

No, if the pump was pumping 12 litres a minute and two individual taps were opened, the flow would be split between them. This would deliver an increased 6 litres/ minute to each tap.

Additional points…?

Why should I fit a HomeBoost®

HomeBoost® will not solve every water flow problem, however if your property has low flow or varying pressure through different times of the day it provides a unique, low cost, compact solution.

Can I fit two pumps in one house?

No, HomeBoost® works on flow rate, not pressure. So daisy chaining pumps doesn’t work. The first one pumps up to 12l/min, making the next one redundant (goes straight to idle mode – diagonal flashing lights).

If I fit a HomeBoost®, can I install a bigger combi boiler?

No, but it may allow you to fit a combi boiler in a property that couldn’t have one previously. On combi boilers up to 30kW, the ideal flow rate is up to 12l/min, making HomeBoost® suitable. Combi boilers over 30kW run at 14 to 16l/min, meaning that HomeBoost® will not deliver sufficient water.

Can I pump to an electric shower?

Electric showers work by slowing down the water flow as it passes over a heating element to raise its temperature. So HomeBoost® will not deliver any additional benefit to the showering experience, and the shower itself is restricting the water flow. There is no issue with fitting a HomeBoost® to an installation which includes an electric shower.

Can I fit a HomeBoost® to an unvented cylinder?

There is no benefit to fitting a HomeBoost® to an unvented cylinder. A typical unvented cylinder has minimum requirements of 1.5 bar or 20 – 25 l/min. The HomeBoost® cannot deliver the required flow rates if fitted to the incoming mains supply as the 12l/min flow is split between the hot and cold pipework. If plumbed directly to the cylinder feed, then the hot and cold mixed at the outlet will potentially become unbalanced, leading to the possibility of scalding.

What pressure increase will HomeBoost® give me?

HomeBoost® monitors and reacts to flow, rather than pressure. The Water Supply (Water Fittings) Regulations (1999) govern flow as opposed to pressure and state you can’t pump more than 12l/min off the mains. If the outlet is open, the pressure will be virtually nil and the flow will remain at 12l/min. As the outlet is restricted, the pressure will increase to the point where the outlet cannot physically let through 12 litres of water in one minute. At this point the maximum pressure will be reached which will be approximately 1.6 bar BUT this is entirely dependent on the outlet. If the showerhead, for example, is a huge waterfall type, the pressure will never increase but flow will have improved to 12l/min.

Where can I get further information and advice on water pressure problems found within the home?

Visit www.waterpressureproblems.com for further information on:

    • Water pressure and flow
    • Common symptoms of poor water pressure and flow
    • Identifying your plumbing system
    • How to fix the problem
    • Solutions available